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In an ambitious endeavor to cultivate growth and innovation, the SocialTech4EU initiative stands as the largest support and capacity building project dedicated to social enterprises across the continent. Initially focused on nurturing project grantees, SocialTech4EU has evolved to embrace a wider network of social enterprises, setting the stage for a more resilient and responsible European economic ecosystem.

The Map of Social Enterprises: A Tool for Connection and Growth

Central to the SocialTech4EU initiative is the Map of Social Enterprises, a dynamic and comprehensive registry designed not only to showcase the diverse capabilities of social ventures but also to facilitate meaningful collaborations. This tool enables social enterprises to discover and connect with potential partners for impactful projects and to identify suppliers for responsible procurements, fostering a network of mutual support and sustainability.

The Map of Social Enterprises from Europe

Highlights from the Map: The Norwegian Connection

Among the newest additions to the map are 14 innovative social enterprises from Norway, each contributing unique solutions to societal challenges. For instance, “KLAR Kompetanse” leverages an app to enhance vocational training accessibility, while “Gammel Nok” offers staffing solutions that emphasize the value and capabilities of older adults. These enterprises exemplify the transformative power of social entrepreneurship in addressing community-specific needs and enhancing quality of life.

SEEDing Project: Expanding Horizons

This expansion is part of the broader SEEDing project, “Enterprising for Tomorrow,” financed by EEA and Norway Grants. The project aims not only to extend the geographical reach of the map but also to deepen the impact of social enterprises by providing them with the tools and visibility needed to thrive. By connecting Norwegian enterprises with their European counterparts, the project enhances cross-border collaboration and learning.

Registration and Participation: Building a Diverse Ecosystem

The registration for the Map of Social Enterprises remains open, inviting social enterprises throughout Europe to join this growing network. By registering, enterprises gain access to a tailored platform that enhances their visibility, connects them with potential partners, and opens up new avenues for growth. Participation in this network not only boosts individual enterprises but also strengthens the social enterprise sector as a whole.

Add your social enterprise on the Map

Looking Forward: Beyond Project Completion

The future of the Map of Social Enterprises looks promising, with plans to continue expanding beyond the completion of the current projects. This ongoing effort will ensure the Map’s role as a vital resource for the social enterprise community, promoting sustainability and innovation. Through continuous support and adaptation, the Map aims to remain a source of inspiration and a cornerstone of enterprise development across Europe.

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