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Boosting Europe’s Social Economy: SocialTech4EU, backed by the European Union, has selected 100 social enterprises for substantial training support. This marks a significant move in enhancing the resilience, innovation, and sustainability of the EU’s social economy sector.

Quick Facts

  • Coverage: Empowering businesses across 19 countries
  • Grant Details: €3,000 per enterprise for various training needs
  • Submitted applicants: 209
  • Participation Span: Encompasses EU countries and COSME participating countries

Impact and Opportunity

Social entrepreneurs are energized and optimistic, anticipating business expansion and skill development. Key areas for training include product development, marketing upgrades, brand growth, and mastering business tools for open innovation and impact measurement.

Addressing the Skills Gap

Research caried out at the beginning of the project pinpointed skill deficiency as a top barrier to innovation. This program directly tackles this, aligning with the EU’s goal to foster a more innovative and resilient social economy.

Training Scope and Schedule

Further Support: The Innovation Open Call

  • Opportunity: Additional grants up to €20,000.
  • Purpose: Feasibility studies for innovative projects.
  • Eligibility: Exclusive to enterprises awarded in the first phase.
  • Deadline: Applications close on 18 October 2023.

Join the Movement

Training providers, incubators, research centers, and universities are encouraged to join the Registry of stakeholders and providers for social economy, a crucial tool for enterprise support and collaboration.

Why This Matters

SocialTech4EU is redefining social enterprise support in Europe, offering opportunities for growth, innovation, and collaboration in the social economy sector.

Learn more about the SocialTech4EU project

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